Boston Personified, c.1910



There is a lot of symbolism in this old post card. Columbia is the female personification of the United States. She often wore a symbolic liberty cap. This post card represents Boston personified at the end of the Victorian era. She wears a Boston cap and a beautiful dress; she holds a paint palette representing art and culture in one arm; she raises a bean pot with a dog in it with the other arm. [The bean pot is the "token" working-class emblem in the image.] The woman stands at the center of spokes in a wheel, with the Massachusetts State House displayed at the top. The State House was nicknamed the "Hub Of The Solar System" by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1858 due to the societal culture at that time. Also emphasized is Boston history with images of the Old South Meeting House, King's Chapel, and Old State House. Education, architecture, and faith are then emphasized with images of the Boston Public library and Trinity Church.


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