Faneuil Hall Pizzeria Regina Sign

Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pizzeria Regina Article Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pizzeria Regina Sign


A view of the Pizzeria Regina sign inside the original building at Faneuil Hall Marketplace (also known as the Quincy Market building). Pizzeria Regina is a very popular local pizza chain, with the flagship restaurant located in the North End district of Boston. In this editor's personal experience, the service has always been courteous and friendly, for many years. For food in the downtown area, Pizzeria Regina can be considered a good value, as they also sell 2-liter bottles of soda and will give you cups, plates, napkins and everything you need to eat your meal. The North End restaurant is worth visiting if you like cozy local places, as they are housed in a unique crescent shape building and have old-fashioned wooden booths.

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