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Advertising Specifications

Standard Ad Locations (other locations are available):

  1. Center-Left, Aligned With Top of Content
  2. Center-Horizontal, Near Top of Content
  3. Center-Horizontal, Middle of Content
  4. Center-Horizontal, Bottom of Content
  5. Right Margin


Standard Ad Locations


Standard Ad Sizes:

Standard Ad Attributes:

Text Ad Attributes:



250x250 Pixels, Up to 30k, Location 1: 


250x250 Pixels


468x60 Pixels, Up to 30k, Locations 2, 3, 4:


268x60 Pixels


120x60 Pixels, Up to 20k, Location 5:


120x60 Pixels


120x240 Pixels, Up to 30k, Location 5:


120x240 Pixels


120x600 Pixels, Up to 30k, Location 5:


120x600 Pixels

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