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The MFA is a world-class museum. Their collection includes works from Africa, America, Asia, ancient Egypt, and classic/modern Europe. The Ancient Egypt collection includes sculptures, tablets, and even mummies. The American collection includes works by Copley, Homer, and John Singer Sargent. The Impressionist collection is quite impressive, and includes about 40 works by Monet, 18 by Renoir, 14 by Manet, and 49 by Degas. Please note the Impressionist Room has about 25 paintings on display at any given time, with selected paintings rotated during the year.

Of special historical interest is Gilbert Stuart's unfinished portrait of George Washington, which had been used as the likeness on the U.S. dollar bill. This work is jointly owned by the MFA and the National Portrait Gallery, and is often on loan to other museums. Of local interest, the MFA owns Gilbert Stuart portraits of John Hancock, John Adams, and Paul Revere.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a cross between the British Museum in London and the Musee d'Orsay in Paris in many respects. The museum attests to Boston's long standing respect for the arts. The MFA collection is extremely extensive; please refer to their online handbook for a detailed guide.

At the entrance to the museum is Cyrus Dallin's Native American statue Appeal to the Great Spirit, completed in 1909. Dallin also sculpted the historic statue Paul Revere, which is near the Old North Church. A brief history of the museum is available, which includes images of the original and Huntington Avenue building.


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