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Olivia Goncalves is an aspiring actress residing in the Boston area. Since childhood, she has been involved in many film and TV productions, all the while portraying a wide variety of roles. She got her start as an actor at 5 years old as an adorable sunflower in the stage play Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She eventually landed a lead role as Tessa in the children's fantasy feature film Anikruya in 2008.

Olivia has continually matured as a young actor with a specialty in drama. She has the ability to make members in a live audience tear up when she cries on cue. She also possesses a tremendous comedic talent making large audiences laugh out loud. Olivia has appeared on PBS, MTV, and Pachanga Latina, as well as background in the 2009 film We Got the Beat with Michael Copon. Some of Olivia’s other jobs include working as a dancer in the music video Chillin by Wale, featuring Lady Gaga.

Olivia strives and perseveres as a young actress having already worked on over 18 theater and film productions. This eighteen-year old has both talent and ability. She constantly is focused, helping others, and taking risks. This young lady gives nothing but her best while always staying professional, energetic and fun. She is very inquisitive, aware and self-aware. She has a professional attitude and is very mature for her age. Olivia has also acquired the related expertise from boxing training and military reserve.

Olivia Goncalves is well on her way to becoming a recognized and professional film actress.