Red Sox Hot Stove Report 
Bullpen, December 17, 2010

The Red Sox have been busy signing relievers, after the Carl Crawford sweepstakes ended, and they just added a serious bullpen arm, in Bobby Jenks. Jenks throws very hard, and was an integral part of the White Sox bullpen during their championship run in 2005, as their closer. This throws light on the rumor that Jonathan Papelbon may not be coming back in 2012, as Jenks could readily fill the closers role for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox also picked up lefty Lenny DiNardo once again, he was a member of the Red Sox from 2004-06. He was probably the most unrecognized player who ever played for the Red Sox. He once walked into the Red Sox Souvenir shop and asked if there was a discount for players, and the person behind the counter said, why, are you a player? He never did really well with the Red Sox, but was kept on the roster through the whole 2004 season because he was selected in a Rule 5 draft in 2003 from the Mets, which required he be left on the roster, or the Mets could have taken him back. He was probably the most successful recent Rule 5 selections recently, as I can only remember one other player, Adam Stern, staying with the Red Sox for any amount of time, in 2006.

One thing that looks encouraging though, is the Red Sox signing free-agent reliever Matt Albers to a low-risk, high-reward one year contract, and passing on another free-agent, and another Matt, in Guerrier, who went to the Dodgers for 3 years and $15 million. The Dodgers will most likely be regretting the contract in year two. The bullpen will definitely receive a boost just by the Sox rotation having a better year, especially Josh Beckett. The Red Sox should also sign Bill Hall, who can play any position besides pitcher and catcher, (and probably could do the other two if asked) AND has a swing that is built for Fenway. There is no position open for Bill, but he can play in right-field when J.D. Drew pulls his back out again, and can DH against lefties. He is also great insurance at 3B and 2B, as both Pedey and Youk are coming off of serious injuries last year.

This author still wonders, with all the geld going to Crawford and Gonzalez this off-season, why they couldn’t shell out $8 million more to keep Victor Martinez; .300 catchers who can hit for power don’t grow on trees. Salty and Varitek will almost certainly be an effective catching tandem, but unless Jarrod can turn his hitting around, the Sox still will have a net loss at the position. The Sawks look great heading into 2011, but with the propaganda coming out of media outlets, you would expect the Sox to receive their World Series Rings on opening day.

— Roman Llimar

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