Boston Firsts

Boston Firsts
Boston Firsts & Local Inventions


1634Boston Common, America's 1st Public Park
1635Boston Latin, America's 1st Public Secondary School
1639 Post Office, America's 1st (at Richard Fairbanks' House)
1639UFO, America's First UFO Sighting
1644USO, America's First USO Sighting
1653Boston Public Library, America's 1st Public Library
1690Paper Money, 1st (Issued When Government Was Insolvent)
1704Boston News-Letter, America's 1st Periodic Newspaper
1716Boston Light, America's 1st Light Station / Light House
1721Inoculation, America's 1st (Smallpox)
1757Human Flight, America's 1st by John Childs In Bird Suit
1770British Concession, 1st (Withdraw Troops to Castle William)
1785Unitarian Church, America's 1st (King's Chapel)
1790Circumnavigate Globe, America's 1st (Columbia)
1806African Meeting House, 1st Church Built By Free Blacks
1816Mutual Savings Bank, America's 1st (Provident)
1831The Liberator, 1st Radical Abolitionist Newspaper
1835Abiel Smith School, America's 1st Public School For Blacks
1845Sewing Machine, Invented by Elias Howe
1846Anesthetic, 1st Demonstration Ether (Mass General Hospital)
1852Electric Fire Alarm System (Telegraphy), 1st City To Utilize
1860Aerial Photo, America's 1st from balloon by J. W. Black
1861Black U.S. Federal Employee, 1st, William Nell (Post Office)
1862Organized Football Club, America's 1st
1863Mass 54th, 1st Civil War Free Black Regiment
1875Christmas Card, 1st American Printing by Louis Prang
1875Telephone, Invented by Alexander Graham Bell
1897Tremont Street Subway, America's 1st Subway
1897Boston Marathon, America's 1st Annual Marathon
1901Disposable Blade, Invented by K. Gillette & W. Nickerson
1903Baseball World Series,1st, Americans (Red Sox) vs. Pirates
1909Off-Price Store, 1st, Filene's Basement
1924Mutual Fund, 1st (L. Sherman Adams, Mass Investors Trust)
1954Kidney Transplant, 1st Peter Bent Brigham Hospital)
1970Death by Air Piracy, America's 1st, with Hijacker Subdued



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