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Strange Boston


Big Dig

Big Dig - A $14 billion tunnel system replaced the decrepit old Central Artery elevated highway. It paid for itself with reduced commute times, but is ridiculed due to leaks and quality control issues.

District: Waterfront

Berkeley Weather Beacon

Berkeley Weather Beacon - The old John Hancock Tower in the Back Bay has a large tower on its roof. Blue and Red lights on this mast are used to signal local weather conditions.

District: Back Bay

Boston Pilgrims Did Exist

Boston Pilgrims Did Exist - In 1907, the Red Sox were nicknamed the Boston Pilgrims due to a poem and hope for the upcoming season. The Red Sox were never officially named Pilgrims, although this myth is now in the history books.

Broad Street Riot

Broad Street Riot - In 1837, an Irish-American funeral procession crossed paths with an English-American fire brigade, and a huge riot ensued. The militia was called up to restore the peace.

District: Financial

Citgo Sign

Citgo Sign - This iconic sign was saved from demolition in the 1970s, and is considered to be a form of modern art. It appears over the left field wall at Fenway Park at every Red Sox game.

District: Kenmore Square

Colonial Witches

Colonial Witches - The first execution in English America for the crime of being a witch occurred at Boston in 1648. Margaret Jones had prepared herbal remedies, and was later hanged as a witch.

District: South End

Damnation Alley

Damnation Alley - Change Alley was only 7-feet wide. Peddlers with pushcarts would enter at both ends and confront each other in the middle. The frequent cursing inspired this nickname.

District: Financial

Darth Vader Building

Darth Vader Building - One Exeter Plaza was constructed in 1984. The building's tall mansard roof and dominating appearance inspired this nickname.

District: Back Bay


Federal Street Riot 
First UFO Sighting 
First USO Sighting 
Government Center 
Giant Tea Kettle 
Grave Plundering 
Kaiser in Adams Square 
Leif Erikson Statue 
Plywood Palace 
Pregnant Building 
Rainbow Swash 
Sacred Cod 
Skinny House 
Smoot's Bridge 
Thirteen Foot House 
Walkway of the Running Stars 

Boston Folklore

Cow Paths 
Mother Goose 
Scarlet Letter Marker 

Strange New England

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast 
Governor Bellingham Marries Himself 
Gloucester Sea Serpent, 1818 
Nahant Sea Serpent 
New Haven UFO, 1647 
Mount Desert Sea Serpent 
UFO Scare of 1897 


Led Zeppelin Ticket Riot, 1975 
Green Day Riot, 1994 
Courtney Love Rant, 1994 



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