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Boston Transit History

XX/XX/1852 - Dorchester & Roxbury Street Railway Incorporated 
05/23/1853 - Metropolitan Railroad Incorporated 
XX/XX/1853 - Cambridge Railroad Incorporated 
04/29/1854 - Boston & Chelsea Railroad Incorporated 
04/29/1854 - Broadway Railroad Incorporated 
04/29/1854 - Middlesex Railroad Incorporated 
12/04/1854 - Cambridge Railroad Obtains Cambridge Street Track Permit 
XX/XX/1855 - Union Railway Incorporated, Leases Cambridge Railroad Tracks 
05/21/1856 - Cambridge Railroad Opens 
09/17/1856 - Metropolitan Railroad Opens 
12/27/1856 - Broadway Railroad Opens, City Point to Dorchester Street 
XX/XX/1857 - Suffolk Railroad Incorporated 
03/05/1857 - Middlesex Railroad Opens, Charlestown Neck to Stillman Street 
05/26/1857 - Winnisimmet Railroad Incorporated, Prattville to Chelsea Ferry 
XX/XX/1858 - People Fall From Double-Decker Dorchester Avenue Railway Car 
XX/XX/1858 - Dorchester Railroad Succeeds Dorchester Avenue Railway 
04/06/1859 - Lynn & Boston Railroad Incorporated 
10/20/1859 - Horse Car Line Opens to Brookline 
08/20/1860 - Suffolk Railroad Opens to East Boston 
XX/XX/1864 - Metropolitan Railroad buys Suffolk Railroad 
02/11/1867 - Cars through Cornhill Street 
12/02/1867 - Double Tracks Tremont Street 
XX/XX/1868 - Broadway Railroad Renamed to South Boston Railroad 
03/04/1868 - Cars through Boylston and Berkeley Streets 
10/16/1868 - Cars through Clarendon to Beacon Street 
10/03/1872 - Horse Sickness; Cars drawn by men in S.B. 
10/22/1872 - Highland Street Railway Opens 
05/XX/1877 - Cars through Harrison Avenue 
06/30/1877 - Cars run entire length of Columbus Avenue 
08/20/1879 - Cars over Dover Street Bridge 
10/04/1879 - Cars through Westchester Park 
10/25/1879 - Brighton Cars through Tremont, Boylston, Charles 
XX/XX/1881 - Charles River Railway Incorporated 
01/10/1887 - Consolidated Railway Strike (500 Men) 
02/07/1887 - South Boston Railroad Strike (500 Men) 
02/09/1887 - Cambridge Railroad Strike (500 Men)
XX/XX/1887 - West End Street Railway Consolidation 
XX/XX/1888 - Experiments with Electric Cars 
02/XX/1889 - Thomaston-Houston Electric Line Operates for Six Months
12/24/1896 - West End Street Railway Strike 

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