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Mayor Alexander Hamilton Rice 
Served 1856-1857

"Born in Newton, Mass., August 30, 1818; died July 22, 1895; served as Boston Mayor during 1856-1857.

He was known as the citizens' candidate at the election and had as opponent Dr. Nathaniel Shurtleff. He announced at the outset that his principal endeavor would be to improve the institutions and other affairs of the city without going into costly experiments.

During his administration, the betterment of the territory known as the Back Bay was begun. His activity for the betterment of public institutions was a high priority.

Mayor Rice has been described as a man of pleasing address, having a knowledge of men and affairs, ability as a speaker, and a keen sense of popular wishes. Under him, expenditures increased materially, especially by the improvement of streets and public lands, and the city debt rose in spite of large receipts from the sale of city property."


Alexander Hamilton Rice, Boston Mayor 1856-1857
Alexander Hamilton Rice
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