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Finding a metered parking space in Boston is an absolute nightmare. There are layers of street signs that may actually conflict. In addition there are one-way streets, dead-end streets, construction sites, detours, scheduled street-cleaning days, traffic congestion, events that usurp parking rules, neighborhood parking restrictions, accidents, narrow streets, aggressive drivers, and many other obstacles that make the Boston driving experience truly unique.

The paramount rule is to take the MBTA whenever possible. There are few areas of the city that contain unoccupied metered parking spaces. The Financial District may have spaces after 4 pm for instance, but some of the streets do not allow metered parking after 4 pm (read the signs!). The North End may have a bunch of parking spaces available, but local residents with a sticker on their car are allowed to park there! The parking regulations vary, but most often the meters must be paid until 8 pm (Saturdays until 6 pm or later). Finally, you cannot feed the meters for more than 2 hours in most places, and can get fined for even paying the meter.

Parking Pay Station at Some Locations
Pay Station at Some Locations

Thus, a list of parking garages is provided here. There are many garages in the city. The Haymarket garage is very popular near North Station. The Boston Harbor Garage is located right along the waterfront. The Post Office Square and Langham Hotel garages are very popular in the Financial District. In east Back Bay are the Boston Common and Park Square garages. In west Back Bay are parking garages at Copley Place and Prudential Center, as well as some of the hotels.

Some areas of Boston have electronic meters in the center of a bank of parking spaces. Vehicle owners must pay via a central meter, and then take the printed slip and place it on the driver's side window facing out. The slip has a timestamp and other information, so make sure it faces out for the meter enforcement person to read.

The only parking deals in Boston at some garages are "early-bird specials" (out early after parking overnight or in early on weekdays), and weekend all-day discounted pricing.

Parking in Boston is very expensive, and the fines can be even more expensive. There are violations for expiring at a meter, feeding a meter, parking in a local resident spot, handicap spot, fire hydrant, handicap zone or ramp, event or temporarily reserved spot, etc. The Boston Transportation Department (BTD) is very efficient, and you may return to your parking spot on the street and discover your vehicle has been towed. The city impound lot is located in South Bay, and, fair warning, it’s probably one of the largest vehicle storage lots in Boston!


Downtown Garages & Parking Lots

Government Center Area 
1 Center Plaza Garage - Entrance at Somerset or Tremont Streets 
100 Cambridge Garage - 100 Cambridge Street at Somerset Street 
Government Center Garage - New Chardon Street Entrance 
60 State Street Garage - Merchants Row & Chatham Street Entrance 
75 State Street Garage - Broad Street Entrance 
Pi Alley Garage - 275 Washington Street from School or Milk Streets 

Financial District 
One Devonshire Place - Devonshire Street near State Street 
Garage at Post Office Square - Congress or Pearl Street Entrances 
Meyers Parking System - 1 Federal Street near Franklin Street 
Standard Parking - 101 Federal Street from High Street 
Standard Parking - 100 Summer St Building on Devonshire Street 
Winthrop Square Garage - 240 Devonshire St from Summer Street 

Downtown Crossing 
Central Parking - 101 Arch Street 
LaFayette Parking Garage - 1 Avenue de LaFayette at Hyatt Regency 

South Station 
Laz Parking - 11 Kingston Street 


North End

North End Garage - 600 Commercial Street near TD Garden 
Fitz-Inn Auto Park (Lot) - 588 Commercial Street near TD Garden 
Laz Parking Lot - 290 Commercial Street opposite Clark Street 
Sargent's Wharf Parking Lot, 269 Commercial Street at Clark Street 
Lewis Wharf Parking Lot, 28 Atlantic Avenue near Fleet Street 



Boston Harbor Garage - 299 Milk Street at New England Aquarium 
Rowe's Wharf Garage - 20 Rowe's Wharf at Atlantic Avenue 
1 International Place Garage - 55 Purchase Street near High Street  


Theater District

CityPlace Garage - 40 Charles Street Entrance at Park Square 
Motor Mart Garage - 201 Stuart Street at Park Square 
200 Stuart Street Garage - 200 Stuart Street at Radisson Hotel 


Back Bay

Copley Place Area 
Copley Place Garage - 100 Huntington Avenue 
Copley Place Extended - 100 Clarendon Street 
Dartmouth Street Garage - 126 Dartmouth Street near Copley Place 
Garage at 100 Clarendon - 100 Clarendon Street near St. James Ave 
Back Bay Garage - 222 Berkeley Street near Boylston Street 

Prudential Center Area 
Prudential Center Garage - 79 Exeter Street 
Sheraton Back Bay Garage - 39 Dalton Street 
Hilton Back Bay Garage - 40 Dalton Street at Belvidere 
Auditorium Garage - 50 Dalton Street at Hynes Convention Center 
53 Belvidere Street Parking Lot, 53 Belvidere Street near Pru 
Colonnade Hotel Garage - 120 Huntington Avenue  
1081 Boylston Street Parking Lot - 1081 Boylston near Mass Ave 

Newbury Street 
4 Newbury Street Garage - 4 Newbury Street after Arlington Street 
149 Newbury Street Parking Lot - 149 Newbury Street at Dartmouth 
Danker & Donahue Garage - 341 Newbury Street after Hereford 


West End & Beacon Hill

Boston Common Garage - 0 Charles Street at Boston Common 
Charles Plaza Garage - 175 Cambridge Street near MGH 
Standard Parking - 2 Hawthorne Place near Shriner's Hospital 



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