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Local Culture

Born in Boston 
Boston Driving 
Boston to English Dictionary 
Boston Literature 
Boston UK 


Athens of America, Origin 
Beantown, Origin 
Blue Blood, Origin 
Boston Brahmin, Origin 
The Hub, Origin 
Liberty Tree, Origin 

Related Folklore

Charlie Of The MTA 
Ponzi Scheme 

Local Expressions



Mayors Of Boston 

Boston Bands - New Wave

Dead Kennedys 
The Fools 
Human Sexual Response 
Mission Of Burma 
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters 
Til Tuesday 

Boston Bands - Alternative

Pixies - Song Review, Dig For Fire 
Pixies - Song Review, Ed Is Dead 
Pixies - Song Review, Gouge Away 
Pixies - Song Review, Here Comes Your Man 
Pixies - Song Review, Hey  Note: Strong language in lyrics. 
Pixies - Song Review, Is She Weird? 
Pixies - Song Review, Levitate Me 
Pixies - Song Review, Monkey Gone To Heaven? 
Pixies - Song Review, Wave of Mutilation 
Pixies - Song Review, Where is my Mind? 

Tales of the Old Central Artery

6:1 Shortcut 
Ambulance Chasing 
Artery Graffiti 
Cross Street U-Turn 
Lower Deck To Tobin 
Salem Street Foot Passage 
Surface Road Race 
Scheme Y 
Zero MPH 

Religious and Racial Intolerance

Marmaduke Stevenson, Hanged as a Quaker (1659) 
Margaret Brewster, Quaker Protest (1677) 
Pope's Day (1765) 
Belinda Slave Petition, Granted Freedom (1783) 


Early Temperance Movement 

Town Histories

Chelsea, MA 
Danvers, MA 
Everett, MA 
Lynn, MA 
Malden, MA 
Marblehead, MA 
Nahant, MA 
Revere, MA 
Salem, MA 
Saugus, MA 
Swampscott, MA



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