Mayor Samuel Abbott Green 
Served 1882

"Born in Groton, March 16, 1830; died December 5, 1918; served during 1882. Mayor Green served for one year.

He was interested in promoting the public park system to which the city had been committed during the previous years, and suggested that a large part of the Franklin Fund might be used by the city for a purpose kindred to public parks, 'He would, therefore, apply the income from this fund toward the 'embellishment of Boston' under certain conditions, believing that this would be in accordance with the expressed desire of Benjamin Franklin 'and would lead the way clear to give the name of the great printer, philosopher, and statesman to one of the new parks.'

He also manifested interest in the public school system and public library. Under Mayor Green's administration the tax rate was $15.10, but it was not sufficient to meet the increased expenditures, particularly on account of outlay for the park system."


Samuel Abbott Green, Boston Mayor In 1882
Samuel Abbott Green


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