Mayor Thomas Aspinwall Davis 
Served 1845

"Born in Brookline, December 11, 1798; died November 22, 1845; served as Mayor during 1845.

He was a candidate of a new political organization called the "Native American Party;" meanwhile Josiah Quincy, Jr., was the candidate of the Whigs, and Adam W. Thaxter, Jr., the democratic candidate.

It was not until a ballot taken on February 21, 1845, after two unsuccessful attempts, that Davis received a bare majority and was elected. In his inaugural, he took pains to explain the objects of the Native American Party, which, he said, were not to create animosity between the native born and foreign born, but 'to place our free institutions upon such a basis that those who come after us, the descendants both of the foreign and of the American citizens, may be free and independent.'

No event of importance happened under Mayor Davis' short administration. He sent in his resignation owing to ill health after having served about seven months. It was not accepted, and he was nominally at the head of city affairs until he died in November, 1845."


Thomas Aspinwall Davis, Boston Mayor In 1845
Thomas Aspinwall Davis


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