Mayor Thomas Norton Hart 
First Administration, 1889-1890

"Born in North Reading, Massachusetts, January 20, 1829; died October 4, 1927. First administration, 1889-90. His second administration was from 1878 to 1881.

He was elected as a protest against the alleged partisanship in the city government. Among the several recommendations in his first inaugural was a reduction of city departments. They then numbered over fifty, and some of them were not even required to publish reports. He advocated the consolidation of the entire Street Department, the Sewer, Bridge and Lamp Departments, the Health Department and the Building Department into a Department of Public Works.

Furthermore, he would have all charitable institutions and relief work placed under a board of three salaried members. A number of minor changes in regard to the work of various departments were also suggested by him.

The first year of Mayor Hart's administration showed a large net increase in borrowing, but the next year (1890) the net debt increased but $267,000, and the margin for borrowing was considerably extended.""


Thomas Norton Hart, Boston Mayor 1889-1890, First Administration
Thomas Norton Hart


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