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The following checklist can be used as a tool for high school juniors and seniors in preparing for college. Planning for college requires a lot of research, and many important decisions have to be made by prospective students and their parents.

High school students should plan for college at the beginning of their Junior year (and attain high grades previous to that). Many universities require high school transcripts as part of their application process, and grades should be maintained as high as possible. Two hours of homework per day should be considered the norm, as college standards are more stringent than in high school, and one should prepare for a challenging regime of reading and writing in college.

In today's economy, where millions of unskilled jobs have been exported overseas, it is of paramount importance that Americans attend college and also acquire marketable job skills. Degree programs should be evaluated based on a student's personal affinity and ability levels, but also on whether there will be job opportunities after college. Salaries are based on the supply and demand of skilled workers, and generally the more specialized the training or education, the greater the salary. Salary is of course not the most important factor in employment for many people, but this should be a consideration when planning for college and a future career.

High school students should not be intimidated by the college application process. College is quite often the most challenging period in a young person's life, but many years later is often considered one of the most rewarding times during life. Preparing for college in your Junior year, or even sooner by studying vigorously, will make the application process smoother, and the first semester of college less stressful.

Junior Year
Senior Year (September and October)
Senior Year (November through May)
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