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Cocoanut Grove Fire Photos

Photos of the horrific November 28th 1942 fire at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub in Boston. 492 people perished as a result of the fire. It is the 3rd worst fire in American history in terms of loss of life. The main photos are from the official Fire Commissioner's Report of 1943. The photo of Buck Jones is from a penny-arcade card.


Cocoanut Grove Fire Shawmut Street Entrance
Shawmut Street Entrance
Cocoanut Grove Fire Piedmont Street Entrance
Piedmont Street Entrance with Revolving Door
Cocoanut Grove Fire Orchestra Platform
Dining Room & Orchestra Platform
Cocoanut Grove Fire Melody Lounge
Melody Lounge & Fire Origin Place
Buck Jones, Cocoanut Grove Fire Victim
Buck Jones, Victim of Fire
Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Matchbook
Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Matchbook

Location of Disaster:

Cocoanut Grove Fire Location 
17 Piedmont Street, Boston, MA 02116

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