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The Red Seat at Fenway Park

The Red Seat at Fenway Park
Ted Williams' Epic Home Run Marker

There's a special seat at Fenway Park that's different from all the others. It's known as the "Red Seat" or the "Ted Williams Seat" and is located in the right field bleachers, Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21. The seat is red in color and broadly stands out in a sea the green that surrounds it.

The Red Seat is a tribute to one of the most famous home runs in Red Sox history. On June 9, 1946, during the second game of a double header against the Detroit Tigers, Ted Williams hit a mammoth home run that landed in the right field bleachers. The estimated distance of the home run was a remarkable 502 feet, one of the longest in baseball history and the longest in Williams' career. In the bottom of the first inning, with the score tied at 0-0, Ted Williams stepped up to the plate. Facing Tigers pitcher Fred Hutchinson, Williams unleashed one of the most prodigious home runs in baseball history. He connected with the pitch and launched a towering drive that traveled an estimated distance of 502 feet, and was a testament to his extraordinary power as a hitter.

The home run had actually struck a spectator on top the head! Joe Boucher was a construction engineer from Albany NY that was just visiting. Quoted from the June 10, 1946 Boston Globe, a reporter asked Mr. Boucher why he didn't try to protect himself from the blast and he replied: "I couldn’t see the ball. Nobody could. The sun was right in our eyes. All we could do was duck. I’m glad I didn’t stand up." Getting beaned 33-rows up in right field at Fenway Park while bleaching in the sun is highly improbabe to say the least!

The Red Sox went on to win the game against the Tigers, with a final score of 9-4. While the outcome of the game was notable, it is Ted Williams' historic home run that has continued to captivate baseball fans for generations. The homer solidified his reputation as one of the greatest sluggers in baseball history, and became a defining moment in his legendary career. The sheer distance and impressive nature of the home run made it an iconic moment in Fenway Park's history.

To commemorate Ted Williams' impressive feat, a red seat was installed at the location where the ball landed. The seat is distinguished from the others to pay homage to Williams' tremendous power and the sheer magnitude of the home run. It serves as a visual reminder of the incredible hitting prowess of one of baseball's greatest players.

The Seat has become a popular spot for fans to visit and take photographs while attending games at Fenway Park. It stands as a lasting tribute to the extraordinary achievements of Ted Williams and his impact on the game of baseball.



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