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The Entertaining Ghost 
Sandwich, Massachusetts 
October 28, 1886

"The quiet of this village [Sandwich] has been broken of late by the alleged nightly appearance of a ghost. The principal victim and the one who seems to be the most troubled is John Murray, who occupies a tenement in a block on State street. He is a hard-working man, and is not at all particular about having his peaceful slumbers, after a hard day's work, disturbed by mysterious happenings.

Of late a ghostly woman has made frequent visits to his home, it is said. This ghost bursts open the doors, and, entertaining, stands in the middle of the room. The very idea of a ghost was enough to frighten the wits out of Murray. Before he had entirely recovered from his fright the subject would disappear.

Mr. Murray has no recollection of having harmed in any way any one of the fairer sex. Furthermore, he never evinced any desire to become a Spiritualist, and, therefore, cannot understand why his rest should be disturbed.

One evening not long since Mr. Murray sent his wife out to spend the night, probably thinking that the ghostly woman had some message to communicate in private. Still Murray was not courageous enough to remain alone in the house, but sought the company of a few young men, each determined to fathom this mystery if it took all night.

It is currently reported about the town that near midnight Murray heard a slight noise, as if some one was ascending or descending the stairs. The young men, for some reason or other, did not accompany Mr. Murray to the seat of war, but, on the contrary, left for home soon after midnight, having wished Mr. Murray pleasant dreams. Mr. Murray sought consolation in the thought that the long night was half passed, and was well satisfied that it was too late for any woman to be out.

Not long after the young men had left the house the ghost appeared. She was immediately challenged by Murray, whose courage by this time was above par. With the determination that it was as well "to be killed outright as to be scared to death," he sought to unravel this mystery. His efforts were useless, however, as the subject had skipped.

Of course now his friends are too willing to inform him that ghosts had appeared in that house before he had become a resident of Sandwich. The whole affair is causing considerable talk, and people are anxious to know what it is if it isn't a ghost."

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