Civil War Battles

Chronology of Major Battles during the Civil War


April 3, 1861Attack on Fort Sumter
April 19, 1861Bloodshed at Baltimore
June 3, 1861Battle of Philippi
June 10, 1861Battle of Big Bethel
June 11, 1861Battle of Rich Mountain
July 21, 18611st Battle of Bull Run
August 10, 1861Battle of Wilson's Creek
August 29, 1861Forts at Hatteras Taken
September 10, 1861Battle of Carnifex Ferry
September 20, 1861Lexington Surrendered
October 21, 1861Battle of Ball's Bluff
January 19, 1862Battle of Mill Springs
February 6, 1862Fort Henry Taken
February 9, 1862Roanoke Taken
February 16, 1862Fort Donelson Taken
March 6-8, 1862Battle of Pea Ridge
March 8, 1862Merrimac and Monitor Naval Battle
March 14, 1862Newbern Taken
April, 1862Slavery Abolished in Washington DC
April 7, 1862Battle of Pittsburgh Landing
April 7, 1862Island No. 10 Taken
April 11, 1862Fort Pulaski Taken
April 25, 1862Beaufort Taken
April 28, 1862New Orleans Taken
May 4, 1862Yorktown Taken
May 5, 1862Battle of Williamsburg
May 9, 1862Pensacola Taken
May 12, 1862Natches Taken
June 6, 1862Memphis Taken
June 26, 1862Battle of Mechanicsville
June 27, 1862Battle of Cold Harbor
June 29, 1862Battle of Savage's Station
June 30, 1862Battle of Frazier's Farm
July 1, 1862Battle of Malvern Hill
August 9, 1862Battle of Cedar Mountain
August 30, 18622nd Battle of Bull Run
September 1, 1862Battle of Chantilly
September 14, 1862Battle of South Mountain
September 17, 1862Battle of Antietam
September 19, 1862Battle of Inka
December 13, 1862Battle of Fredricsburg
December 31, 1862Battle of Murfreesboro
January 1, 1863Emancipation Proclamation
January 4, 1863Battle of Arkansas Post
February 27, 1863The Nashville Destroyed
May 1, 1863Fort Gibson Taken
May 2-3, 1863Battle of Chancellorsville
June 17, 1863The Atlanta Destroyed
July 1-3, 1863Battle of Gettysburg
July 4, 1863Vicksburg Surrendered
July 4, 1863Battle of Helana
July 8, 1863Port Hudson Surrendered
August 17, 1863Fort Sumter Bombarded
August 22, 1863Charleston Bombarded
September 10, 1863Little Rock Taken
September 19, 1863Battle of Chicamauga
November 24, 1863Battle of Lookout Mountain
November 25, 1863Battle of Missionary Ridge
November 26, 1863Chattanooga Occupied
December 3, 1863Siege of Knoxville Began
February 20, 1864Battle of Olustee
April 8, 1864Battle of Mansfield
April 9, 1864Battle of Pleasant Hill
April 12, 1864Massacre at Fort Pillow
April 18, 1864Plymouth Captured
May 5-7, 1864Battle of The Wilderness
May 10-14, 1864Battle of Spottsylvania, C.H.
May 14-15, 1864Battle of Resaca
May 27-28, 1864Battle of Dallas
June 14, 1864Battle of Kenesaw Mountain
June 19, 1864Kearsarge and Alabama Naval Battle
June 20, 22, 28Battle before Atlanta
August 5, 1864Battle of Mobile Bay
August 18, 1864Battle of Ream's Station
September 1, 1864Atlanta Evacuated
October 19, 1864Battle of Cedar Run
October 27, 1864Battle of Hatcher's Run
December 13,1864Fort McAllister Taken
December 16-17, 1864Battles before Nashville
December 20, 1864Savannah Evacuated
January 15, 1865Fort Fisher Taken
February 18, 1865Charleston Evacuated
February 22, 1865Wilmington Taken
March 2, 1865Battle of Fort Steadman
April 2, 1865Richmond Evacuated
April 3, 1865Battle of Spanish Fort
April 9, 1865Battle of Blakely River
April 9, 1865General Robert E. Lee Surrendered
April 12, 1865Mobile Surrendered
April 13, 1865Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
April 15, 1865Andrew Johnson Inaugurated
April 26, 1865General Joseph Johnston Surrendered
May 10, 1865Jefferson Davis Captured
May 13, 1865Battle of Brazos (Palmito Ranch)
May 22-23, 1865Grand Review
May 29, 1865Amnesty Proclamation
April 2, 1866Peace Declared
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