Wampanoag Christian

Anthony, one of the Christian Indians, was sent to the island in Boston Harbor in King Philip's War. He was so educated that he was able to teach, and was a kind of minister among his brethren.

After they were liberated from there, Anthony built a large shelter, by some considered a meeting house, in which a school was kept on weekdays, and on Sundays lectures were delivered by Reverend John Eliot and Major-General Daniel Gookin, in the winter of 1676.

The place of their settlement was upon the Charles River, near Hoanantum Hill.

[Hoanantum is Nonantum or Nahanton Hill near Newton Center, Massachusetts.]


— Indian Biography, by Samuel G. Drake, 1832, (edited)

Historical Location:

Hoanantum Hill 
Nahanton Street, Newtown, MA 02459

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