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House Bill Goes To Third Reading 
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The Meigs System is Passed to a Third Reading by the House.  


The Joe V. Meigg's Bill Engrosses Nearly 
the Entire Session.  

"The bill to permit Joe V. Meigs and associates to build an elevated railway, with the consent of the cities or towns in which it may be located, came up first in the orders of the day, and Engrossed the Attention of the House during the entire session. Mr. Shepard of Boston moved to amend the as follows: Insert before the first word of section 8 the words, "Said corporation shall not set any foundation, pier or post on or upon a public highway except for the purpose of crossing said highway." Mr. Swift moved to amend by making the bill include any consequential injury to property not taken caused by maintaining or operating said railway near said property. Mr. Muzzey of Cambridge moved several technical amendments, making the bill more perfect. Mr. Andrew of Boston moved to amend the bill by making the damage include any injury to property not taken from smoke, noise, obstruction of light, or any interference with a public easement. Mr. Ames of Worcester moved to amend the bill by adding the following: 'The owners of property abutting upon any street


may demand that the corporation which has obtained such locations shall pay the owners the value of said property in lien of damages, as heretofore provided. Said owners shall give a deed of the same to the corporation. If the parties cannot agree, the Board of Assessors in towns and cities where said railroads are located. Either party shall have the right to appeal to a jury if dissatisfied with the award; provided, however, that said corporation shall not take and and pay for more than 150 feet in depth, from the line of said street or streets.' Mr. Sheppard of Boston withdrew his amendment because he had no opportunity to speak on it. All the amendments were lost except those offered by Mr. Muzzey of Cambridge, and the bill was passed to a third reading by a yea and nay vote of 128 to 53."

Source: Boston Globe, March 17, 1882


Meigs Elevated Railway
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