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Senate Debate Postponed 
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The House on Elevating the Boston & Maine Tracks.  

The Hearing of Mr. Meigs' Schemes Again Postponed by the Senate.  


The Consideration of Mr. Meigs' Elevated Railway Schemes Again Postponed.  

"The first matter in the orders of the day was the Meigs railway bill, and a decision on the point of order raised by Mr. Crocker on Wednesday. The president, before ruling, said he would like to hear the opinions of some of the senators on the question of courtesy to the other branch, in rejecting a bill which they had passed. Mr. Stone of Essex argued that, by precedents, they were bound to discuss the bill the House had passed to be engrossed. Mr. Crocker then spoke at length in support of his point of order. Mr. Bennett of Suffolk then reviewed the case, and moved that further consideration be postponed until Tuesday next. The motion prevailed."

Source: Boston Globe, April 14, 1882


Meigs Elevated Railway
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