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Hearing by Cambridge Aldermen on the Proposed Location.

"A hearing was given before the Board of Alderman last evening at Cambridge on the petition of Joseph V. Meigs for a location in that city. The location on Broadway was opposed by a petition signed by John W. Haines and others. At the hearing Samuel Hoar appeared for the Boston & Albany Railroad Company, stating that the location on Charles street be opposed, while he did not that on Benney street. Woodward Emery appeared for the Meigs Elevated Railway Company, stating that the company was ready to begin the work of construction just as soon as a location should be granted. He claimed that the value or selling price of real estate along the proposed route would be greatly increased, and accordingly presented a petition signed by over 4000 citizens of Cambridge; also one signed by property owners along the proposed route.

Of the two locations asked for the one through Charles street was preferable.

President Cummings of the Cambridge railroad said that there were at least twenty or more abutters on the proposed route. The railroad proposed by Mr. Meigs he did not consider the best or most successful kind because of its attendance with objectionable features, such as smoke and dust, to which the residents would be called upon daily to suffer. If he were a member of the Board of Alderman of Cambridge he would favor none, except such as would be worked by a cable. During the past week the Cambridge railroad has passed into different hands, by whom plans of more rapid transit for the residents of Cambridge are being considered. What those plans were he was not at liberty to state as yet.

Mr. Hoar claimed for the Boston & Albany Railroad Company that it had not received proper legal notice of the proposed route across its property.

Mr. Hale said that the abutters in Charles street objected not only to the elevated road on either side of the street, but one in the street at all.

Charles W. Munroe said that such a road would increase the value of property, [and] the number of residents, besides being a great public benefit. Mr. Dudley said that he did not object to elevated railroads, but did object to one on Charles street.

John T. Scully favored the elevated project on the ground that it would increase the value of property in that section of the city. Horatio G. Parker also spoke in favor of the elevated scheme.

After the hearing closed, the petition was referred to the standing committee on roads and bridges, with the instruction to obtain the opinion of the city solicitor."

Source: Boston Globe, March 3, 1887


Meigs Elevated Railway
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