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Victory For Meigs In Senate 
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Howe’s Substitute Minority Bill Adopted.  

"The first matter on the Senate calendar yesterday was the bill to amend the charter of the Meigs Elevated Railway Company, from which Senator Howe dissented, presenting a substitute bill. The main difference between the two was that the substitute has different provisions regarding damages.

Senator Kimball answered by saying that it was time to look at the matter without any idea of sentiment. The bill of this committee would allow the road to be built with no onerous burdens. All it provided was that the rights of the abutters should be protected. It went no further than the New York law which the Brooklyn road is being built at the present moment. The substitute bill provides that the damages are to be paid before the road is built, before the amount of damage done by the smoke, noise, or shutting out of light and air, and there is nothing to prevent the company from taking the cases into court, and there, after the cases had been in litigation, saving that the road was not to be built, leaving the property owners to pay the cost.

After considerable further debate, the bill was substituted by a vote of 21 to 14, as follows:

Yeas—Clark of Essex, Collins, Cook, Fletcher, Gleason of Plymouth, Glines, Howe, Howland, Keith of Perkins, Roads, Shea, Slattery, Sleeper, Spellman, Stevens, Town, Walker—21.

Nays—Clark of Berkshire and Hampshire, Crosby, Dwyer, Hartwell, Hathorne, Keith of the Cape, Kimball, Ladd, Marble, Messinger, Pike, Southworth, Sprague, Tucker—14.

Absent or not voting—Boardman, Gleason of Worcester and Hampshire, Howard, Sullivan, Wheelock—5."

Source: Boston Globe, May 16, 1888


Meigs Elevated Railway
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