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Meigs Works Inspected Again 
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Examination of the Working of the Perfected Plan.

"A party of financiers and scientific men visited East Cambridge yesterday, and through the courtesy of Inventor Meigs the practical working and mechanical devices of the captain's elevated railway system were examined. The corporation having in view the introduction of the system into Boston's streets, and affording rapid transit lines to the suburbs, has carefully worked out every detail, and so soon as the proper municipal authority is obtained the work of pushing the proposed routes can at once be begun. Mr. Meigs justly claims a triumph in his completed work. From the beginning there were obstacles which to the ordinary man must have appeared insurmountable. Step by step the difficulties have been overcome, and the finished system is one that any inventor might well be proud of. The odd-looking engine drawing its handsome coaches moves around curves with astonishing radii, and climbs a 160-foot grade with an ease that is remarkable.

Scientific explanations of the propeller have already given in THE GLOBE. The passenger coach, in so far as convenience and comfort are concerned, is a marvel. Surely no such severe tests can be made of the system in the streets of any city, and no better plan has yet been outlined which can furnish so many desirable features as are combined in the Meigs system. The element of safety has been carefully looked after and guarded, the question of comfort has been duly considered, and economic points have not been slighted. On the whole, the perfected work is a wonder, and bids fair to revolutionize in practice the theory of overhead railway systems."

Source: Boston Globe, September 12, 1888


Meigs Elevated Railway
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