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Bill to Permit Companies to Use the Meigs Elevated Railway System Argued Before the Railroad Committee.

"Elevated railway hearings began yesterday morning before the street railway committee at the State House. The matter under consideration was the bill to permit the use of the Meigs system.

Gen. Butler appeared for the Meigs Railway Company, Henry D. Hyde for the West End Street railway, and C. A. Welch for the Fifty Associates and other real estate owners.

Gen. Butler reviewed the legislative history of the Meigs Railway Company from 1884 up to the close of the last session of the General Court. He said that the Meigs system is the best and cheapest of all systems yet devised, and it could be operated by steam, electricity or compressed air.

Gen. Butler said that his clients did not ask for power to build, but only to let the same law apply to all. There is a general law authorizing the building of roads of standard gauge.

J. R. Hiscock of Roslindale, voiced the public demand for an elevated railway in that section.

Mr. Welch, Mr. Hyde and Mr. White opposed the petition. Hearing closed."

Source: Boston Globe, February 13, 1890


Meigs Elevated Railway
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