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Alone in the Woods by Niamah Oran

Alone In The Woods


In the depths of the deep forest's grasp,

Where shadows dance and moonlight clasp,

Stood a cabin, weathered and worn,

By eerie winds and tales forlorn.


Within those walls, a heart did quiver,

Lonely soul, consumed by a sliver

Of fear that nestled deep within,

In solitude, where nightmares begin.


Amidst the gloom, a fireplace burned,

Its flames flickered and tendrils yearned,

To ward off darkness, chilling and bleak,

And conjure warmth that none could speak.


But in the air, a scent did waft,

Of aged wood and ash, a memory oft,

As tendrils of smoke would gently rise,

And mingle with fear in chilling guise.


The crickets sang their somber tune,

A symphony that wove and loomed,

With each chirp, the darkness grew,

A crescendo of dread, unknown and true.


And birds took flight, with wings so vast,

As owls hooted, their hushed voice cast,

A sinister spell upon the night,

While stars above hid their tender light.


The forest whispered, secrets untold,

As brush and leaves in chorus rolled,

Each footfall, a crunch upon the earth,

Echoing the fear of impending dearth.


Within the cabin's shuttered door,

A soul did cower, afraid and more,

Of beasts that roamed the wild unknown,

Or crazed souls with minds overthrown.


The silence shattered by a sudden sound,

A knock, resounding, echoing 'round,

The walls trembled, the heart did freeze,

As terror danced upon a winter breeze.


With bated breath, the door did sway,

Revealing a figure, cloak of gray,

Eyes hidden beneath a brim's shade,

A visitor from realms decayed.


In tremulous voice, the words did come,

"May I seek shelter from the gathering gloom?

Lost and alone in this forsaken wood,

I crave solace, misunderstood."


The cabin's dweller, though fear did cling,

Saw kinship in the stranger's wandering,

And with a nod, the door was wide,

Inviting darkness to step inside.


Within the cabin's refuge deep,

Two souls entwined, secrets to keep,

For in the heart of the forest's fears,

Hope can bloom, dispelling tears.


And as the fire's glow grew strong,

The night surrendered, fears begone,

The wild unknown, once threatening and stark,

Now whispered tales in the stillness, hark.


Thus, in that cabin, amid the wood,

A tale was woven, misunderstood,

Of solitude's grip and the fears we face,

And the bonds we forge in haunted space.

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