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An Evocative Dream by Niamah Oran

An Evocative Dream


In the realm of dreams, I find myself confined,

Caught in a vortex of the darkest kind.

Slumber's embrace, a haunting grip so deep,

Where time slows down and reality takes a leap.


In this eerie slumber, I try to wake,

But my eyes are shut, my senses opaque.

Lost in a nightmare's maze, I wander alone,

A puppet in the clutches of the unknown.


Seconds stretch like hours, minutes like days,

As the world outside inches closer in its ways.

Reality warps, distorting its familiar face,

Drawing nearer to my bedroom's sacred space.


Shadows dance upon the walls, whispering dread,

Their sinister laughter echoing in my head.

I struggle against this phantasmal grasp,

Yearning for freedom from this ominous clasp.


The clock on the wall beats with a sinister heart,

Its ticking grows louder, tearing my dreams apart.

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... the sounds invade,

Piercing my consciousness like a wicked blade.


I try to scream, but my voice is stifled,

Lost in the abyss, where fear runs wild.

The walls close in, pressing against my soul,

Suffocating me within this twisted black hole.


I reach out for salvation, for a glimpse of light,

But the dream's grip remains, holding me tight.

A prisoner of my own subconscious fear,

Trapped in this distorted realm, so near yet so far.


Oh, for the morning sun to cast its golden ray,

To banish these shadows and bring forth the day.

But the dream's grip persists, unyielding and strong,

As I battle against the nightmares that throng.


In this realm of terror, I long to break free,

To awaken from this twisted reverie.

But until that moment, I'll endure the dread,

Lost in this endless dream, where darkness spreads.


Oh, how I yearn for the dawn's sweet embrace,

To escape this nightmare, this desolate place.

But for now, I'm trapped, a captive in this dark,

An evocative dream, where reality is stark.

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