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Guilt and Remorse by Niamah Oran

Guit And Remorse


Within the chambers of remorse I dwell,

Tormented by a guilt I cannot quell.

Regret, an unrelenting specter at my side,

Haunting my every step, my conscience cannot hide.


In the darkest corners of my weary mind,

Lies the weight of mistakes, cruel and unkind.

Words spoken in anger, deeds done in despair,

Now etched upon my soul, a burden I must bear.


Each night, in the solace of the moon's embrace,

The echoes of my transgressions, I must face.

Their tendrils coil 'round my heart, tight and cold,

As remorse takes hold, its grip uncontrolled.


Oh, to turn back time, rewind the hands of fate,

To rectify the wrongs, to amend the slate.

But alas, the past remains a prison, a sealed tome,

Condemning me to wander, forever far from home.


The voices of remorse, they whisper in my ear,

Their accusations relentless, fueling my fear.

"You are unworthy," they chant, with cruel delight,

Condemning me to this endless, wretched night.


I yearn for redemption, for forgiveness divine,

To sever the chains of guilt that tightly entwine.

But my soul, it weeps, for the sins I cannot undo,

Condemning me to this self-inflicted purview.


I crave self-punishment, an atonement so dire,

To match the weight of guilt, to quench its fire.

Yet the deeds that haunt me, do they truly warrant,

This unyielding guilt, this punishment so abhorrent?


For we are flawed, mere mortals prone to mistakes,

But to forever bear this guilt, my spirit breaks.

In the depths of my remorse, I seek solace and release,

From this self-inflicted torment, this eternal crease.


But the shadows of regret, they claw and persist,

Telling me I must suffer, that I cannot resist.

Yet I must rise, break free from this torturous plight,

Embrace forgiveness, and find solace in the light.


For in the realm of guilt, I must learn to forgive,

To move beyond the transgressions, and truly live.

To understand that in mistakes, growth is found,

And to let go of the chains that keep me bound.


So I shall face my remorse, with courage and might,

To find redemption's path, in the darkest night.

For in the depths of guilt, I shall rise and find,

The strength to forgive myself, and leave regret behind.

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