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The Basement by Niamah Oran

The Basement


In the depths of darkness, I find myself confined,

A prisoner of shadows, my fate intertwined.

Within a basement's gloom, a realm so stark,

Where chilling whispers echo in the dark.


The air is heavy, suffocating my breath,

A haunting silence, the harbinger of death.

I grope through the abyss, my senses reeling,

Each step, a tremor of fear, revealing.


No glimmer of light to guide my weary way,

Only an eerie blackness, a twisted ballet.

The walls, like specters, close in with a sigh,

As I ponder the cruel fate that brought me nigh.


Unseen terrors lurk within this wretched space,

A macabre symphony of horrors, taking place.

Whispers slither 'round me, crawling on my skin,

Whispering secrets of the darkness deep within.


Footsteps creak above, a haunting melody,

As I strain my ears, longing to be free.

But the chains of the basement, they hold me tight,

In this wretched tomb, devoid of all light.


Phantoms dance before my eyes, waltzing in despair,

Their ghostly forms twist and twirl, a chilling affair.

I grasp at shadows, lost in their deceptive embrace,

Yearning for a glimmer of hope, a saving grace.


Madness creeps upon me, like a venomous vine,

In this dismal abyss, my sanity begins to decline.

Whispers turn to laughter, a sinister symphony,

As I question my existence in this dreadful reverie.


I claw at the walls, desperate for escape,

But they hold me captive, a cruel twist of fate.

The darkness consumes me, a relentless grip,

As I wither away, in this forsaken crypt.


Locked in this basement, a prisoner of dread,

Forever entwined with the shadows that spread.

Lost in the depths of my own morbid tale,

A captive of darkness, in this timeless jail.


In this twisted solace, my soul lingers on,

Trapped in eternal torment, forever withdrawn.

A haunting reminder of a life once bright,

Now condemned to dwell in this eternal night.

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