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Voices by Niamah Oran



Within the chambers of my mind's abyss,

Voices whisper, their words a haunting hiss.

They coil and twist, like serpents in my brain,

Driving me to the brink of sanity's domain.


One voice entices, a seductive melody,

"Embrace the shadows, surrender to the symphony.

Let your fears be thy guide, in darkness take flight,

For in the abyss lies true freedom, infinite."


Another voice shrieks, a desperate plea,

"Flee from this darkness, escape and be free.

Time is running out, the hourglass drains,

Seek the light, break free from these chains."


Conflicting whispers echo, a maddening symphony,

Convincing me of my impending destiny.

Fight or flight, the eternal battle rages on,

As I question which voice speaks the truth, which voice is gone.


One urges me to embrace the abyss,

To revel in the unknown, the deep abyss.

To succumb to the lure of darkness' embrace,

And dance with shadows in an eternal chase.


The other cries out, pleading for my flight,

To break the shackles, reclaim the light.

To cast away the doubts, the relentless strife,

And embrace the dawn of a new lease on life.


Time's pendulum swings, a relentless march,

Each moment fleeting, like a fading spark.

But within this realm of internal disarray,

I struggle to discern night from day.


The voices entwine, a web of confusion,

Whispering secrets, illusions, and delusion.

I yearn for clarity amidst the chaos and haze,

To distinguish reality from this endless maze.


Yet, in this macabre symphony of the mind,

I find solace in the struggle, a truth to find.

For within the voices, the battle, and the strife,

Lies the essence of my own precious life.


So I listen to the voices, their spectral might,

Knowing that within them, lies my own inner light.

In the tug-of-war between dark and light,

I forge my path, with courage as my guiding light.


In the depths of my mind's eerie abode,

I navigate the whispers, a journey unknown.

For in the turmoil and uncertainty I find,

The strength to rise, and the power to define.

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