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Without Hope by Niamah Oran

Without Hope


In the depths of my despair, I pen a verse,

A tale of falling into a pit so perverse,

Where darkness looms, a chasm profound,

And echoes of dread are the only sound.


Oh, the void engulfs with its shadowy might,

As I plummet, lost in eternal night,

A bottomless abyss, where hope is concealed,

And all senses entangled in terror revealed.


The air rushes past, a swift and cruel breeze,

Whispering of doom, as my soul seeks release,

Growing damper and colder, its touch so unkind,

In this endless descent, a haunting I find.


The scent of must lingers, ancient and dank,

Clasping my senses in a spectral shroud, I sank,

Into the depths of dread, where demons reside,

And nightmares dance, as sanity subsides.


Does this descent ever find an end in sight?

Or am I condemned to this eternal plight?

Questions linger, tormenting my mind,

As I tumble further, fearing what I'll find.


Will I be crushed upon a rocky floor,

Or shall I meet water's embrace, forevermore?

The worries at the bottom, like vultures they feed,

In this desolate void, my fears take the lead.


But wait! In the distance, a glimmer appears,

A flicker of light, dissolving my fears,

A radiant sunbeam, piercing the gloom,

Promising hope in this desolate tomb.


As I continue falling, the light grows strong,

My heart soars, as I've yearned for it so long,

The abyss gradually wanes, surrendering its might,

For the resplendent daylight, breaking through the night.


And in that glorious moment, my descent is no more,

As I emerge from the depths, to an unfamiliar shore,

The fall, once unending, finds its cessation,

And I am reborn, saved from eternal damnation.


So, let this tale serve as a warning profound,

Of the perils that lurk when darkness is found,

But remember, even in depths where shadows insist,

Light shall conquer, where hope can persist.

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