Victim List 
Pemberton Mill Collapse

The Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts collapsed on January 10, 1860. The debris was set on fire while trying to extricate people that were trapped in the ruins. Many people died in the fire after having survived the collapse.

The death toll could have been as high as 169. Shortly after the disaster, former Lawrence Mayor John R. Rollins published a list of victims. For genealogical reasons, this list has been duplicated below. The death toll is set at 90 (76 dead and 14 missing), with 134 badly injured. A large number of those killed were young women, of Irish descent.

It highly probable that more people were killed, and are not listed below. Many of the victims were Irish immigrants and may have had no relatives in the United States. Also, some of the people seriously injured may have later died as a result of the disaster.

The victims are listed in the same order as originally published:


Dead (76)

Mary Ann Bannon 
Bridget Bronder 
William Jordan 
Joanna Cronan 
Irene Crosby 
Hannah Shea 
Margaret Sullivan 
Dennis Leonard 
Wm. Metcalf 
John C. Dearborn 
Peter Callahan 
Bernard Hollifield 
Margaret Hamilton 
Ellen Colbert 
Mary Griffin 
Catherine Hannon 
Michael O'Brien 
Margaret Foley 
Mary Culloten 
Kate Conners 
Margaret Fallen 
Joanna Hurley 
Mary Howard 
Martin Hughes 
Margaret Corcoran 
Bridget Crosby 
Catherine Kelleher 
Eliza Orr 
Julia Roberts 
Bridget Ryan 
Wm. Kane 
Wm. Adolph 
Elizabeth R. Kimball 
Richard Lunney 
Ann Sullivan 
Mary Jewett 
Richard Midgely 
Ellen Hickey 
Lizzie Towne 
Ellen Mahoney 
Orin C. Nash 
Samuel Rolfe 
Bridget Loughrey 
Morris C. Palmer 
Matthew C. Ryan 
Hannah Mulinex 
Mary McCann 
Catherine Cooney 
Ellen Sullivan 
Ellen Dianeen 
Mary Dooley 
James Harty 
James Hartigan 
Catherine O'Brien 
Mary Nice 
Mary Murphy 
Catherine Sweeny 
Margaret Coleman 
Mary Barrett 
Elizabeth Dunn 
Catherine Harrigan 
Augusta Ashworth 
Ellen Ahern 
Patrick Connor 
Lafayette F. Branch 
Ellen Conners 
Ellen Roach 
Margaret Turner 
Mary Burke 
Bridget Gallan 
Lorinda Gilson 
Jane Thomas 
Katy Clarke 
John Hughes 
Maggie j. Smith 
Celia A. Stevens


Missing or Unidentified (14)

Bridget Kelly 
John McNab 
Asenath S. Martin 
Sarah Lyons 
Ellen Linkinson 
Margaret Donnelly 
Eliza Wahiggan 
Joseph Baily 
Henry Harrigan 
Dora Harold 
Mary Ryan. 
Jeremiah Ahem 
Ellen Robinson 
Lizzie A. Flint. 


Badly Injured (134) 

Mary Armstrong 
Eliza Baker 
Julia Blake 
Jane Brooks 
Ellen Bradbury 
Elizabeth Burns 
Ellen C. Barry 
Richard Bradley 
Ellen Bohive 
Bridget Bradley 
Jane Bradley 
Owen Bremen 
Jane Cragg 
Mary Callagan 
Kirans Corkland 
Mary A. Coleman 
Margaret Cremen 
Margaret Kirburg 
Mary Cummings 
William Childs 
Elizabeth Connell 
Mary Crosby 
Joanna Carty 
Mary Callaghan 
Mary Callahan 
Catharine Conners 
Thomas Conners 
Charlotte Carleton 
Mary Caren 
Margaret Caren 
Catharine Clary 
C. Carney 
Catharine Campbell 
James Davis 
Cate Dunley 
Mary Dougherty 
Michael Daley 
Sarah Dew 
Anna Doraty 
Margaret Dounahan 
Catharine Dolan 
Sarah Doyle 
Mary Fox 
Mary A. Emery 
Robert Flannagan 
Almira Ford 
Patrick Flannagan 
Hannah Finnesy 
Ann Falen 
Constantine Fiedler 
Ann Galvin 
Hannah Gamy 
Mary Ann Hickey 
Kate Harrigan 
Owen Harran 
Ellen Hannon 
Rosana Heirop 
Margaret Hayden 
Jennette Henderson 
Robert Hayes 
Wm. Henry Hall 
Betsey Heath 
Maria Hall 
Damony Hone 
James Hickey 
Hannah Hayes 
Mary Fenherty 
John Fanon 
Catherine Ivory 
Job Jewett 
Lizzie L. Kingsbury 
Elizabeth Kelley 
Mary Kennedy 
Lawrence Kennedy 
Rose Kenney 
Margaret Kerby 
Henry Koehler 
Ellen Lyons 
Michael Lavin 
Mary Laughton 
Catherine Landers 
Rosana Lynch 
Jessie Leach 
Abby Pottle 
Mary Muichaney 
Ann Manion 
Mary McGovcrn 
Mary McAleer 
Catharine Mulchaney 
Barney McGee 
Michael McCormick 
Ann McKee 
Ellen McCarty 
Ellen McKanny 
Wm. McComb 
Samuel Martin 
Ellen Mahoney 
Catharine Manyan 
Patrick O'Donnell 
Patrick O'Hare 
Caroline O'Brien 
Jerry O'Brien 
Hendessy Smith 
Henry Hickman 
John Quinn 
Ann Rafferty 
Margaret Ryan 
Catharine Rooks 
Jeremiah Reardon 
Fanny Reed 
Ann Scanlan 
Bridget Scanlan 
Frank Scannell 
Mary A. Sullivan 
Augustus Sampson 
Margaret Shory 
Robert Seaver 
Wm. Shackford 
Mary Sampson 
Eliza Watson 
Elizabeth Ward 
John Welsh 
Winna Waters 
Sarah Warner 
T. H. Watson 
D. Watson 
Michael Wrens 
Win. Young 
Mary York 
Sarah A. York 
Joshua Jewett 
James Kenney 
Ira D. Locke 
Catharine Jordan.


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