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There is an old saying when buying real estate—"location, location, location." The newest, nicest, best-built house in the world could lose its market value quickly in a poor location.

Some obscure or "hidden" factors can influence a location's market value. For instance, in the nearby State of New Hampshire, the schools are funded by each city or town. 45% of a town's expenditures could be to pay for their primary school, and 25% for a nearby regional high school. A town that has a burgeoning population might have to build a new school and increase property taxes to pay for it. A high property tax rate could influence the market value of all the homes in that town. It's a good idea to research as many factors as possible when looking for the right location of real estate.

The following are some factors that may influence the market value of a home's location:


Some Home Location Factors
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