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First Win, April 8, 2011

With the unveiling of the new video boards out in Center Field on opening day, Fenway Park can now be seen in HD, unfortunately if you're anything close to a 200-pound Red Sox fan, your femoral arteries are still in danger of having circulation cut off in the tiny seats that have been installed over this ten-year period of Fenway Sports Ventures© ownership.

The Red Sox came home to face the New York Yankees, after starting the season 0-6 in Texas and Cleveland. On most years this would be a much grimmer scenario, as the Yankees, although they still have a Bronx Bomber lineup, are depending on Phil Hughes to be their second ace after C.C. Sabathia. Still, the Red Sox Faithful came out as they always do, every day since this sellout streak started in 2003, and they saw a decent game, if you could ignore the lousy starting pitching. John Lackey made his second start, and this one was worst than the last. He allowed 6 runs in 5 innings, but Phil Hughes one-upped him, giving up 6 runs in only two innings. Everyone seemed to come through with a hit in this one, Dustin Pedroia had a double and a home run, even Jarrod Saltilamacchia had a double.

This game showed the sorry state of the Yanks pitching staff, from rotation to bullpen. The Red Sox had their best inning thus far in 2011, scoring 5 times in the second inning. The bullpen looked sharped though, as Aceves, Jenks, Bard and Paplebon all worked scoreless outings to seal the first win for the Red Sox. John Lackey, although lackluster, picked up his first win of the season.

Manny Ramirez also retired from baseball today, after more drug use allegations and a 1-17 start at the plate. It seemed enough for Manny to call it quits, and an investigation, if he remains retired, will also be halted. Manny ended his career with 555 homeruns and two world championship rings. This will also certainly put a halt on the Johnny Damon-Manny show, when the Rays come to town, after the Yankees series.

— Roman Llimar

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