Revere Beach Roller Coasters

The following are images of four roller coasters that once operated at Revere Beach. The coasters below are the Cyclone, Virginia Reel, Derby Racers, Thunderbolt, and Thompson Scenic Railway. In the early days, there were also the Musical Railway (Pell Mell), the Jack Rabbit, and Lightning roller coasters (others may have operated also).

Revere Beach Cyclone Roller Coaster
Revere Beach Cyclone
Going Up The Virginiia Reel
The Virginia Reel
Derby Racers Double Roller Coaster
Derby Racer Double Roller Coaster
Thunderbolt Coaster
Thunderbolt Coaster
Mountain Railway Roller Coaster
Mountain Railway (Thompson Scenic Railway)
Thompson Scenic Railway Revere Beach
Mountain Railway (Thompson Scenic Railway)

Location & Address:

Revere Beach Bandstand 
Revere Beach Blvd at Beach Street, Revere MA 02151 

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