The Cabots

"When the discovery by Columbus was announced, the civilized nations of Europe became eager to share with Spain the honors and advantages of further discoveries in the New World.

As early as May 1497, John Cabot, a Venetian by birth, but then a resident in England, accompanied by his son, Sebastian, a young man, sailed under the patronage of Henry VII, King of England, on a voyage of discovery; and on July 3rd, fell in with land, to which he gave the name of Prima Vista ("First Seen"), which is believed to have been the Coast of Labrador. During this same voyage, however, it is thought he discovered the Island of Newfoundland; immediately following which, elated with his success, he returned to England.

In 1498, Sebastian Cabot, in company with three hundred men, made a second voyage after John Cabot, during which he explored the continent from Labrador to Virginia, and possibly, to Florida. After several other voyages, he returned to England, during the reign of Edward VI, and, as a reward for his eminent, services, was created Grand Pilot of the kingdom."


— A History of the United States, by Charles A. Goodrich, 1857 (edited)


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