Boston Radio Stations

Below is a list of FM and AM radio stations in greater Boston. At different times during the day, or over the ocean, radio signals may be received from shorter or greater distances (for instance, NH stations received on the North Shore, or RI stations on the South Shore). Some college or suburban stations may broadcast using low-power transmitters, with lesser quality reception the further one is away from their broadcast tower.

Feel free to leave a comment if a radio station has shut down, or if their music genre has changed. Most Boston area stations are Rock & Roll in format, with specialties such as Classic, Oldies, or Modern. Stations that play pop music, or easy listening up to and including Hip-Hop, are classified as "Mixed."

There are many unique college radio stations in Boston that broadcast everything from Talk to Folk to Punk Rock, with this editor's favorite being WERS (Emerson College Radio). One could listen to Lizzie Borden and the Axes back in 1980 for obscure Punk Rock, or Sean Paul in 2001 on the Rockers Show, long before the rapper became famous.

About AM radio, during the evening some local stations can broadcast to distant places, with faraway stations being received here. WBZ for instance can be received many miles into the State of Maine, as the signal travels over the ocean. This editor's favorite AM radio station is mainstay WJIB, which is funded by its listeners. WJIB is commercial-free, a extreme rarity in today's world. One can listen to a broad range of Oldies from 1940s Swing to 1950s Country to Nancy Sinatra on WJIB.


Boston (FM) Radio Stations, Sorted by FREQUENCY


88.1 WMBR Live Stream College MIT
88.9 WERS Live Stream College Emerson
89.7 WGBH Live Stream PBS
90.9 WBUR Live Stream College BU (NPR)
91.5 WMFO Live Stream College Tufts
91.9 WUMB Live Stream College U-Mass/Boston
92.5 WXRV Rock/Easy The River
92.9 WBOS Live Stream Rock/Modern
93.3 WSNE Live Stream Mixed Coast 93.3
93.7 WMKK Live Stream Mixed Mike FM
94.5 WJMN Live Stream Hip-Hop Jammin 94-5
95.3 WHRB Live Stream College Harvard
95.9 WATD Mixed
96.9 WTKK Live Stream Talk/News
98.5 WBZ Live Stream Talk/Sports
99.1 WPLM Live Stream Rock/Easy
99.5 WCRB Live Stream Classical
100.1 WBRS College Brandeis
100.7 WZLX Live Stream Rock/Classic Classic Hits
101.7 WEDX Live Stream Dance Evolution 101.7
102.5 WKLB Country Western
103.3 WODS Live Stream Rock/Oldies Oldies 103
104.1 WBMX Live Stream Mixed Mix 104-1
104.9 WRBB Live Stream College Northeastern
105.7 WROR Live Stream Rock/Classic
106.7 WMJX Live Stream Rock/Easy Magic 107
107.3 WAAF Live Stream Rock/Heavy Worcester
107.9 WXKS Live Stream Hip-Hop Kiss 108


Boston (FM) Radio Stations, Sorted by MUSIC GENRE


Classical 99.5 WCRB Live Stream
College 88.1 WMBR Live Stream MIT
College 88.9 WERS Live Stream Emerson
College 90.9 WBUR Live Stream BU (NPR)
College 91.5 WMFO Live Stream Tufts
College 91.9 WUMB Live Stream U-Mass/Boston
College 95.3 WHRB Live Stream Harvard
College 100.1 WBRS Brandeis
College 104.9 WRBB Live Stream Northeastern
Country Western 102.5 WKLB
Dance 101.7 WEDX Live Stream Evolution 101.7
Hip-Hop 94.5 WJMN Live Stream Jammin 94-5
Hip-Hop 107.9 WXKS Live Stream Kiss 108
Mixed 93.3 WSNE Live Stream Coast 93.3
Mixed 93.7 WMKK Live Stream Mike FM
Mixed 95.9 WATD
Mixed 104.1 WBMX Live Stream Mix 104-1
PBS 89.7 WGBH Live Stream
Rock/Modern 92.9 WBOS Live Stream
Rock/Classic 100.7 WZLX Live Stream Classic Hits
Rock/Classic 105.7 WROR Live Stream
Rock/Easy 92.5 WXRV The River
Rock/Easy 99.1 WPLM Live Stream
Rock/Easy 106.7 WMJX Live Stream Magic 107
Rock/Heavy 107.3 WAAF Live Stream Worcester
Rock/Oldies 103.3 WODS Live Stream Oldies 103
Talk/News 96.9 WTKK Live Stream
Talk/Sports 98.5 WBZ Live Stream



Boston (AM) Radio Stations, Sorted by FREQUENCY


590 WEZE Religious Christian
680 WRKO Live Stream Talk Conservative
740 WJIB Oldies Music User Supported
850 WEEI Live Stream Talk Sports
890 WAMG Spanish
950 WROL Live Stream Religious Catholic
1030 WBZ Live Stream News Late Night Talk
1060 WQOM Live Stream Religious Catholic
1090 WILD Soul Music
1120 WBNW Business News
1150 WWDJ Spanish
1170 WDIS Live Stream News
1200 WXKS Talk Conservative
1260 WMKI Live Stream Disney Radio
1300 WJDA Religious Multi-Lingual
1330 WRCA Spanish
1360 WLYN Live Stream Spanish
1390 WPLM Business News
1430 WKOX Spanish Tropical Music
1490 WMRC News
1510 WWZN Live Stream Talk Liberal
1600 WUNR Live Stream Spanish


Boston (AM) Radio Stations, Sorted by GENRE


Business News 1120 WBNW
Business News 1390 WPLM
Disney Radio 1260 WMKI Live Stream
News 1030 WBZ Live Stream Late Night Talk
News 1170 WDIS Live Stream
News 1490 WMRC
Oldies Music 740 WJIB User Supported
Religious 590 WEZE Christian
Religious 950 WROL Live Stream Catholic
Religious 1060 WQOM Live Stream
Religious 1300 WJDA Multi-Lingual
Soul Music 1090 WILD
Spanish 890 WAMG
Spanish 1150 WWDJ
Spanish 1330 WRCA
Spanish 1360 WLYN Live Stream
Spanish 1430 WKOX Tropical Music
Spanish 1600 WUNR Live Stream
Sports 850 WEEI Live Stream Talk
Talk 680 WRKO Live Stream Conservative
Talk 1200 WXKS Conservative
Talk 1510 WWZN Live Stream Liberal


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