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Marco Scutaro, September 27, 2011

It is no secret, the Boston Red Sox have one of the most potent batting orders in baseball. Making the most seldom used players in the roster, a bit more dangerous in fantasy.

Like in the case of shortstop Marco Scutaro, who was quickly becoming an afterthought in fantasy leagues. However, he has seen a resurgence in his batting average as he has risen it up to .295 for the season, a solid clip for fantasy. The .295 batting average is a bit above his career .270, thanks in large part to the potent offense in front of him. He is seeing better pitches to swing at when opposing pitchers pitch away from the likes of Adrian Gonzalez, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis and so on. The fact that he is in such a line up also improves his chances to score, averaging almost two runs a game in his last six outings.

It's true, Scutaro has seen better days, his days of 10-plus home runs are probably over and he was never much of a base stealer. But if you're looking for a late season push in average and runs scored, Scutaro can definitely turn out to be a smart pick for your team.

Postcript: Marco Scutaro got a starting position because of injuries to both Jed Lowrie and Kevin Youkilis. He pulled off an impressive .380 average in September, while just about the entire offense, with the exception of Jacoby Ellsbury, imploded. The Sox blew a 9-game lead over Tampa Bay in September and where knocked out of the wildcard. In 2012, Scutaro has a $6 million option, and if not exercised, he can stay in Boston for $3 million, or take a $1 million buyout.

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