Boston Arts Festival 
September 7 - 8, 2019

The Boston Arts Festival started out as a day-long event in 2003, having been reintroduced by former Mayor Thomas M. Menino to bring interactive art exhibitions and performing artists back into a large public venue. It was also called the Boston Ähts Festival as a good-humored take on the famous Boston local accent. The festival is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday September 7 - 8, 2019 (rain date is Sunday September TBA, 2019) with FREE performances lined up from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Christopher Columbus Park in the North End is transformed into a vibrant cultural village complete with exhibits, demonstrations, and other attractions all involving visual or performing arts. Guests and visitors can expect to not only witness a wide array of artistic showcases, but also participate in the various workshops on ceramics, painting, sculpture, and various other crafts. Whether you're alone, with friends or with your family, the whole event is sure to be a fun-filled experience.

The Boston Arts Festival has been scheduled for two days once again starting in 2017. The event typically begins at 11 am, and ends at 6:30 pm. The cultural works are divided into two segments, performing arts and visual arts. Past entertainers for the performing arts include pop-music performances by local Boston bands and troupes. Folk performers, ensembles, and dancers also give the festival a lot of flavor. There are performances by theater groups, ballet companies, poets, and many more entertainers.

Boston Arts Festival
Boston Arts Festival 
Photo courtesy of City of Boston.

On the visual arts side, exhibits include works from Boston's finest artists from the Boston Open Studios Coalition. A huge breadth of visual arts, its many classifications, expressions and media, are almost all represented at the Boston Arts Festival. For the artistically discerning eye, this would surely prove to be a paradise of sorts. One of the main attractions of this event is the group of interactive programs for visitors.

Past festivals have included textile pieces, where pencil and paper works are reinterpreted via stitching needle, thread and cloth. There was also a glass-blowing demonstration, showcasing fused glass and stained glass artwork. There's the Mayor's mural crew, where you can freely paint part of an on-site mural, or create a postcard by yourself. Children and families are also allowed to do wire sculptures, book-making or papermaking. Of course, ceramics and sculpture activities are usually also available.

At the festival, there shouldn't be a dull moment as performances are always happening, while the myriad of booths and other exhibits are simultaneously operational. It's up to you and your imagination on how and where to spend the entire time when you are there. Whether you're just a spectator or someone who is extremely passionate about the arts, the Boston Arts Festival is definitely a must-attend, annual attraction. This is one of the few public events where everyone has the opportunity to see and really experience for themselves how art is not just a concept exclusively available to those with exceptional talents. No matter how people view themselves, events like Ähts enable people to experience themselves as true artists, being immersed in its forms, and actually participating in its creation and expression.


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