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Revere, MA (1873)

Revere History, 1873 — "Revere is a new and beautiful suburban town of 1,197 inhabitants and 196 dwelling-houses, occupying the northeasterly part of Suffolk County, and having Saugus on the north, Massachusetts Bay on the east, Winthrop on the south-east, East Boston and Chelsea on the south, and Everett and Malden on the west. A long, narrow neck of land, called "Point of Pines," extends north-easterly to Lynn Harbor, on the ocean side of which there is a splendid sandy beach, that is visited by thousands of people for sea-bathing in the summer season.

The eastern parts of Revere are low and marshy, and covered, more or less, with water at high tide: other parts of the town are elevated, and afford admirable sites for building. These lands are coming into market, new streets are being laid out, and dwelling-houses being erected. To those desiring a residence near the ocean and the city, this place offers strong attractions. The Eastern Railroad runs entirely through the eastern, and the Saugus Branch Railroad crosses the north-western section of the town, rendering access to the metropolis very quick and easy.

In 1865 the place had a population of 858, and 188 voters; but, by the report of the assessors in 1873, it appears that the population is about 1,500, the number of polls 400, and that 40 new dwelling-houses were erected during the year.

The appropriations for the year were, — incidentals, $2,500; police, $500; support of the poor, $800; support of schools, $4,200; for highways, $3,000; shade-trees, $300; State aid, $200; payment of interest, $3,000; land-damages, $300; and liquidation of notes, $6,000. The total valuation of the town was, at this time, $1,912,300; and the tax-rate was placed at $1.34 per $100. The schools are in excellent order.

The Rev. T. P. Sawin, installed in 1869, is the pastor of the Congregational church, organized May 9, 1828; and the Rev. L. W. Aldrich, settled in 1871, of the Unitarian church, organized in 1715.

This town, originally a part of Chelsea, was incorporated as North Chelsea March 9, 1848; and the name was officially changed to Revere March 24, 1871, in honor of the Revolutionary patriot, Paul Revere, whose midnight ride to Concord Mr. Longfellow has made the subject of a beautiful poem."

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