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Boston Common Frog Pond 
Wading Pool & Ice Skating Rink

The Frog Pond is located near the center of Boston Common. It’s a concrete lake that's used as a wading pool for children in summer and as an ice skating rink in winter. The origin of the pond’s name is based on a myth; that soldiers had hunted frogs at the pond for use as food. In the early 1800s, an attempt was made to rename the water body the more upstanding Crescent Pond, but this endeavor failed.

For more than 200 years, the pond was fed by run-off water from nearby Flagstaff Hill (where the Soldier’s Monument stands) and Beacon Hill. The pond was originally used for watering cattle, and then later used for recreation. In 1848, the Cochituate Water Celebration took place on the Common, commemorating the newly constructed water-works from Natick to Boston. The Frog Pond was then paved with stones, and a huge fountain was installed to feed the now artificial water body.

Boston Common Ice Skating
Brewer Fountain & State House

In the mid-nineteenth century, the pond became renowned for young boys sailing their model vessels on the pond, with Oliver Wendell Holmes writing eloquently about the tradition. In winter, ice skating was very popular, but was sometimes pre-empted by the harvesting of ice for use in the homes of local residences.

Frog Pond Wading Pool – On the last Friday in June, there is usually an opening ceremony with the Mayor or city representative turning on the spigot of the 30-foot spray plume fountain. The wading pool is usually closed after Labor Day. Use of the pool is FREE.

Frog Pond Ice Skating – The pond is transformed to a complete skating rink with walls and ice maintenance equipment. The season is from November to April, but please call ahead if visiting early or late in the cold season. Use of the rink is available for a moderate fee, with repeat-visit discounts available. The rink also has skate rental facilities and a snack bar.

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Frog Pond Wading Pool 
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