Hatch Shell Boston

The Hatch Shell is a bowl-style outdoor stage located on the south bank of the Charles River. The park on the Boston side of the Charles is known as the Esplanade, or officially the Charles River Reservation. A common way to access the Esplanade is from the north end of Arlington Street at David G. Mugar Way, and then walk across the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge over Storrow Drive. The shell is to the right at the base of the footbridge.

The other popular way to enter the Esplanade is from Charles Circle at Cambridge and Charles Streets. There is a footbridge on the Charles Street side of the circle, with the shell a few blocks west after debarking the footbridge.

Hatch Shell Boston
Hatch Shell Boston

The Hatch Shell has an open field or "lawn" in front of it. Many visitors set up blankets there before concerts. Concert goers often bring coolers, carry small foldable chairs, and wear hats or sun block as well as mosquito spray to brave the outdoors. Alcohol is prohibited and your cooler may subject to search, with its carrier subject to arrest if an alcohol container is open. When a concert begins, there is a lot of standing room around the surrounding walkways to view the stage.

Nearby attractions, when entering the Esplanade via Fiedler footbridge, are Cheers Beacon Hill, the Public Garden, and the Swan Boats. From the bank of the river along the Esplanade, the Hancock Tower, Weather Beacon, and the famous Citgo Sign are visible.

The following list(s) of events are subject to change, so please contact the event sponsor before traveling to the Hatch Shell. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation is the official agency responsible for the events, and they post updated schedules in PDF format on their website. Many attempts are made to revise event information when updates are published.

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Hatch Shell (Mass Department of Conservation & Recreation) 
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617.626.4970 Hatch Shell Hotline 
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Hatch Shell Boston
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